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5 Pumpkin Spice Recipes That Aren’t Lattes (+a quiz!)

Lattes are great, but so are foods that, ahem, don’t come in a cup. Like muffins, for example. Or granola. And oh! OH! Pancakes. Definitely pancakes. Continue reading for five pumpkin spice recipes that pay homage to the world outside of lattes — plus a quiz to put your pumpkin knowledge to the test. 

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This Is What Breakfast Looks Like Around The World (+a quiz!)

Not everyone wakes up to oatmeal swirled with brown sugar, fluffy scrambled eggs, and buttered toast. In fact, breakfast foods are distinctly different from one country to the next, and we’ve got the low-down on what makes 12 of them so unique — plus a quiz at the very end to put your knowledge to the test.

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The Easiest Ever Harissa Recipe

Hailing from the North African country of Tunisia, harissa manages to strike the perfect balance between hot, smoky, and sweet like few other sauces can. And if you’re thinking — isn’t that a spice, too? — you’re right. Many HelloFresh recipes come with harissa powder to dress up everything from lamb meatballs to veggie sweet potato pita pockets.

In its traditional form, harissa sauce is served alongside fluffy couscous, but the opportunities are vast. So roll up your sleeves and experiment with all the ways to incorporate this versatile condiment into your kitchen for a kick of heat and #HelloFreshPics-worthy hue.

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How to Make Chocolate-Dipped Apple Slices (in an ice cream cone!)

Crunchy, and chocolatey, and fruity, and sweet, and — did we say chocolatey? Suffice it to say that we can’t get enough of these chocolate-dipped apple slices piled high in ice cream cones, and have a feeling you’ll agree. Just an inkling, really.

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5 Quick and Easy Appetizers for a Crowd

The nominees in this year’s “appetizers for a crowd” category all deliver flavor-packed, captivating, and diverse performances. From the tried-and-true “little black dress” of an appetizer – the cheese plate – to uber Instagrammable hummus cucumber toasts, these five finger foods are perfect for a big bash or cozy night in.

And the nominees are…

appetizers for a crowd-HelloFresh

Sweet Potato Toast 4 Ways

While we love ourselves a thick slice of wholesome whole wheat bread or chewy sourdough, there’s more than one vessel for your toast toppings besides, ya know, toast. Enter… sweet potatoes.

You’ve likely seen the sweet taters roasted as a star side dish or mashed with a swirl of maple syrup and sprinkle of spices, but today we’re toasting (or baking) it until soft but still sturdy enough to transport sweet and savory toppings alike.

sweet potato toast-4-ways-recipes-HelloFresh

How to Make Homemade Jam

Most store-bought kinds contain pectin, which acts as a thickening agent, but it’s not a deal breaker. Jam can easily be made with just fresh fruit, lemon juice, sugar, and a pinch of salt. Plus, let’s be honest, who actually has pectin lying around on, say, your average Tuesday?

Although jam sans added pectin may be a bit looser in consistency, it’s no less delicious (or spreadable). Plus, because berries contain small amounts of natural pectin themselves, they will thicken over time. The secret is a low and slow boil to gradually extract the moisture out of the fruit.

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How I Conquered One Of My Biggest Cooking Fears

Throughout my first few months in France, I ordered crepes whenever the opportunity presented itself. Because C’MON; how can you step foot in a French restaurant and not order the most French thing on the menu?

And every time, I would stare in awe into the open kitchen as the chef poured the perfect amount of batter onto the pan, swirled it in circles, and effortlessly flipped the impossibly thin pancake. Slightly crispy around the edges, it somehow always remained intact when the sides were folded gently towards the center.

In my American tourist eyes, it was magic. And I was terrified to try it myself.

What if I get the ratio of flour to eggs wrong? What if I don’t flip it in time and it burns to a crisp? What if I flip it too early and it breaks apart? What if I can’t master the pouring and swirling technique? WHAT IF I RUIN THE MAGIC?

Although what if’s flooded through my mind, I knew I was never going to get over this fear if I didn’t face it head on. So on a frigid afternoon sometime in late January, I charged full steam ahead and tried my hand at homemade buckwheat galettes.

And it was a total fail.

cooking fears-crepes-galettes-recipe-HelloFresh


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