Holiday ’18 Campaign

The wind is howling, the snow piles are growing, and the sun is nowhere to be seen. But come dinnertime, you’re not thinking about Mother Nature’s wrath, or the fact that you have to shovel out your car the next morning. Instead, you’re consumed in the deliciously sensory experience of cooking while managing to get as cozy as some of your favorite winter comfort foods.

Like the cheese cuddling with the pasta. The marinade hugging the chicken. The spices slowly snuggling into the ground meat.

So to prove that being cooped up inside during the holiday season can actually be a good thing, HelloFresh executed a hygge campaign grounded in all things cozy — with mesmerizing cinemagraphs to lure you in.

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2018-10-25_HF_Holiday_DisplayBanners_Chili_300x250_V2 copy 2018-10-25_HF_Holiday_DisplayBanners_Chili_300x250_V1 copy


YouTube Preroll


HF_DECMag2018_Final_Press copy

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